Sunday, March 1, 2009

an ordinary day

Just another crazy but ordinary day in the Lockhart house. Kids running, screaming, laughing all at or from Linsey!

I never imagined that raising a daughter would be even more challenging than raising the boys. I really think she should have come with a manual! She is bold and over the top and I just love her to death. She is such a mess. She is potty training right what an experience. She has been "trying" for 7 months and she is only 2 as of January. She is so determined to be like her brothers she won't stop. She first started trying to stand to pee! That is when the potty chair came out. She goes when she feels like but not always. She never wants a diaper or pull-up on, so she frequently pees and poos on the floor. Yuck! I don't know how to stop her, she is so bull- headed. She must get that from her daddy! ;)

Tristin got his cast off the other day! For those that didn't know he broke his arm at school back in January. Well that was a mess....we were suppose to have an appointment a week ago Thursday....we got there and they said it was Thursday the 26th. So Levi takes off to take him to the appointment. He got there and they said well your appointment was Tuesday. I was so mad. I know that woman at the desk changed the appointment. I insulted her the week before; I didn't feel good from being sick all week. I was so mad; but I had that right to be mad. We were in the office every two weeks for 8weeks. Then came time to schedule the last appointment. The doc said two weeks. We go to the desk and schedule....she said how about 3pm. Common sense says that I understood that the appointment was for two weeks later on Thursday at 3pm. Not three weeks later. Idiot you're thinking...yes she was! Then when I pointed that fact out she got all pissy. Well then when we were sitting in x-ray waiting.....he says your appointment is next Thursday. Then I call the office and argued with the woman at the desk. I asked is there any way we can get in sooner. She replies no we are booked your appointment is next Thursday.; so we show up and it was actually Tuesday. I was so pissed they are lucky that Levi went and not me. I would have been all over that stupid woman. Needless to say they worked him in and cut the cast off. That's all that had to be done was cut the damn thing off. How hard is that? I am sure a trained monkey could do their job better.

On to better news! Madalyn is rolling over and trying to sit up on her own. She is so funny! She loves watching her sister. She laughs at everything she does. Yes I am in for double trouble when Maddie is walking and getting into stuff with her sister. She is finally growing after a scare the last couple of months of not growing of at all. She is gaining weight pretty fast now. She had an ear infection that was not helping things. I put her on cereal and baby food to help things out and I am weening her from nursing and giving her more formula. Gonna fatten that baby up quick!

Andy is doing really well too. He is seeing a speech therapist at school for his speech problems. Which are almost gone! We had to push them to even get him in. He didn't actually qualify. His problems are minimal and they say developmental. We weren't buying that, so we got them to take him. Although I am glad that his problems are minimal I still wanted him to see someone to help him learn to pronounce words correctly. He is excited to start soccer and t-ball.

I am busy busy as usual! I took over as town rep for baseball/softball for the small town that we live near. I organize all the teams and everything that this entails. I also organize the concession stand. I have a helper for the umpires and the field! I have a couple other people helping me so it's not everything on me. Can't wait for summer to start!